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Puppy Socialization: Important Tips for a Friendly Puppy

What do you think of when you hear of training? Teaching sit and stay? Potty training? You may forget that puppy socialization is another important factor in training. Socialization involves getting your puppy used to a variety of experiences such as people, pets,…


Rally-O: What’s All the Hoopla?

We’re so sure you and your dog will love Rally-O that we’ve made a couple short videos so you can learn more.  Give it try – you’ll both be glad you did!


Pet CPR & First Aid (Dogs & Cats)

Learn how to support and care for your pet until veterinary treatment is available! March 4, 2017 from 10-1 IT’S YOUR DOG School for Dogs, Hamburg , NJ Details & Registration:  


Three Tips For Calm Behavior At the Vet

Does your dog hate going to the vet? Many dogs do, and it is a very problematic, yet common problem for pets. The vet causes a lot of stress when your dog learns to associate it with strange handling, poking, and prodding. Dogs…


Training Class is More than Just “Learning Tricks”

You may have been looking into dog training classes to help teach Fido to sit or stay better. Or, you may be frustrated that Fluffy seems to be getting into the garbage every day now! While dog training classes are perfect for training…


Puppy School – Start Early for Success!

Between the soft kisses, puppy breath, new toys, bedding, bowls, and more, you might not think of training as an important part of bringing home a new puppy. However, puppy school is a great way to begin your lives together.  Training encourages bonding and helps put…


Body Language: The Nervous Dog

SIGNS YOUR DOG MAY BE FEELING NERVOUS While our canine friends are not able to “talk” like humans do, they are still excellent communicators. Dogs communicate primarily thru body language to signal to others if they are stressed, confident, happy or confrontational. Knowing how to read canine…


Tips on Getting Your Dog Happy About Nail Trims

Nail trims can be a tricky situation, especially if your dog is bothered by having their feet handled. While training your dog to get used to nail trims is easiest as a puppy, dogs of all ages can get more comfortable with nail…


Leash Manners 101: Is Your Dog a Tugger?

When it comes to leash manners, or a lack thereof, undesirable behaviors vary from dog to dog, but generally fall into one of four categories:  the puller, the lagger, the lunger and the leash tugger.  Leash tugging is a common adolescent display reinforced in much the same way…


Leash Manners 101: 10 Steps to Better Leash Walking

Leash walking is one of the more challenging skills to teach a dog.  That’s largely because the human on the other end of the leash is 50% of the problem.  Here are some good leash handling practices to put into practice now so you can start…