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Groomer Goodness: Preparing Your Dog For Handling at the Groomer

   Does your dog require regular grooming? Going to the groomer can be a scary, stressful situation for your dog. The loud noises, strange sights, and new smells can be very stressful. Being placed in a strange environment or with new people may…


Dog Training: What’s the Difference Between Online and In-Person Methods?

Does your dog need a refresher course on the basics? Perhaps you have a new puppy that you want to start off on the right paw. Online and in-person dog training both have their pros and cons. Learn the differences between both, and…


Confident Dogs: How to Help a Nervous Dog Become One

Is your dog the nervous sort? Perhaps he doesn’t get along well with other dogs, or he cowers and pees when new people come over. Maybe he hides at the vet. Even a nervous dog can become a more confident dog with a…


Training Classes Benefit Adult Dogs, Too!

Most people may think of training classes as something done with only puppies. You teach the basics such as “sit”, “stay”, and “not chewing on the couch”, and are done, right? However, training doesn’t end once your puppy becomes an adult dog. Training…


Puzzle Toys You Can Make and DIY At Home For Fun!

  Does your dog get bored with regular puzzle toys? Do you need a low-budget solution for fun activities? Homemade puzzle toys are a great way to stop boredom, add enrichment, and create some fun in your dog’s day! What are Puzzle Toys?…


Traveling with Your Dog: Six Essentials to Pack

The excitement mounted as Fall came to a close and I prepared for my annual holiday get-away.  So did the amount of stuff in the car.  The Subaru was packed tight with every possible management and training tool I could conceive as essential…


Common Foods to Avoid Giving Your Pets This Holiday

With the holidays upon us, so are fun times with family, friends, and our pets. Often times, we find ourselves at various lunches and dinners, and may be tempted to share our holiday treats with them. However, some common foods can be harmful, or…


Agility, Flyball, and Nose Work: Are they Right For Your Dog?

Canine sports are increasing in popularity, and you may have heard about agility, flyball, and nose work at some point. Perhaps you’re interested in trying them out, but don’t know what they are. Or maybe you’re unsure what is right for your dog.…


What’s the Difference Between Service Animals?

Service animals are commonplace in today’s world, but they are not interchangeable in their jobs. You may have heard of a few including therapy dogs, emotional assistance dogs, and service dogs. But what are the differences between them? How do they help? And…


Common Myths About Clicker Training

Clicker training is an exciting complement to training and a useful tool for instilling good behaviors. It can be used alongside traditional positive reinforcement training methods. It can also be used to help shape or train complicated behaviors by helping guide your dog…