The following are policies of It’s Your Dog School for Dogs (rev. 9-17-14):

Private lessons require a $45 deposit to secure your appointment.  Cancellations or reschedules require 48-hour advance notice by phone or email (no text or instant messaging) to avoid forfeiture of said deposit.  All monies remaining on account expire 90 days from the date of last service.  Refunds may be subject to a $25 administration fee and/or a $50 materials fee, as appropriate. 

Once a session has begun, there is no tuition refund for cancellations, dropouts or missed classes. Make-up classes are permitted by observation only (no dogs allowed).  Refunds, class transfers and/or changes of service type are permitted if requested at least ten (10) business days prior to the first enrolled session. Same may be subject to a $25 administration fee and/or a $50 materials fee, as appropriate.  

The fee for a returned check is $25.00. 
Owners are required to show proof of age-appropriate vaccinations at the start of class and are obligated to maintain current vaccinations during the course of group classes, playgroups or private lessons.  Titers will be accepted with proper documentation of sufficient immunologic protection.  Vaccinations against bordetella and canine influenza are recommended but not required.  In order to guard against the transmission of disease:

  • A two (2)-week waiting period is required with a dog acquired from a shelter, rescue group, breeding kennel or pet store. Private lessons are advisable during the waiting period.
  • Please refrain from the use of dog parks, daycare and boarding kennels while enrolled.  Vaccines may minimize the severity of symptoms but may not prevent your dog from becoming infectious.
  • Please do not bring your dog to class and seek veterinary care if you notice nasal discharge, runny eyes, coughing, sneezing, fever, a change in appetite or if your dog has worms, fleas or other parasites.
  • Owners are required to notify IT’S YOUR DOG, LLC if their dog attends daycare, contracts a communicable condition or is boarded at any time during the course of training.
  • A two-week waiting period is required before resuming group classes or playgroups after receiving veterinary treatment for a communicable condition (kennel cough, fleas, etc.).  Written vet permission may be required. Please ask your vet if you are unsure if your pet’s condition is contagious.


  • Sneakers or sturdy shoes must be worn in class. Flips-flops, sandals, heels, clogs and dress shoes are not permitted. Instructors reserve the right to restrict participation in certain classes and/or exercises if proper footwear is not worn.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times while on the grounds.
  • Please be mindful of personal space that may be required by other dogs and their owners.       
  • The most critical aspect of dog training is establishing a dog’s focus on his/her handler.  For this reason, as well as for general safety, interaction with other dogs is not encouraged. 
  • Potty your dog in the designated areas and be sure to pick-up and deposit waste in the provided receptacle.

Although family participation is encouraged, safety and success come first.  Children are welcome to observe group classes provided they remain quietly seated in the audience and cause no disruptions during class.  Children ages 12 and up may be permitted to participate as a handler provided they demonstrate an ability to maintain consistent control of the dog in the classroom environment.  This option is subject to the instructor’s approval and permission may be revoked.  Private lessons are advisable for handlers under the age of 12.

  • All weather-related delays and cancellations will be posted on our Weather Hotline at 973-960-9415.  Please call this number before leaving home during winter months to be certain your class is not impacted by inclement weather.  We do our very best to post cancellation information in a timely manner.
  • Postponed sessions will be made up the following week at the regularly scheduled time.