Virtual Training is an affordable and convenient alternative or supplement to in-person private lessons.  While certain behaviors may not be appropriate for remote service, many training goals can be successfully achieved using the power and convenience of simple meeting technology (like Skype & Zoom).  Virtual sessions are the perfect option for long-distance clients, dogs that are not comfortable around strangers and even potty training! 

Feel free to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consult to determine if this option is a good fit for you and your family Click here.


Luey was taught to go to his OWN bed

                      Luey video

In her Google review, Luey’s mom describes her remote training experience as:

  • different than anything we’ve experienced as far as training goes
  • truly life changing
  • took us by surprise at how effective it really is!

“WE were the ones learning hands-on how to train our dog!”

Ashley G. ~ Sparta NJ


$125 (Initial Consult)registerbutton$85 (Follow-up)registerbuttonSessions are available Sunday thru Thursday by appointment

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