SCOUT is a different dog which I attribute to Leslie’s classes.  She creates a positive, goal-oriented environment and works closely with both dog and owner.  She is a dedicated professional who truly loves her job!  John M. (Oak Ridge, NJ)



harryLeslie was so good with HARRY – I always joked that she should move in with us!  Leslie F. (Sparta, NJ)


PatchesPATCHES (formerly a dog-reactive dog) now gets along with other dogs and has become a joy to be around. Thank you Leslie!  Joanne D. (Montague, NJ


MarnieSeveral months after adopting MARNIE, I knew I needed help. I was drawn to Leslie’s training philosophy and methods as I felt positive reinforcement would be the best approach. During the course of private lessons, I noticed a change in Marnie’s disposition – she wanted to learn and accept guidance….she was really into it! As a result, Marnie & I have developed a very strong bond based on trust and communication.  Lori (Vernon, NJ)


WatsonSee WATSON’s story under Special Programs – Reactive Rover Rehab.



My wife and I took BUDDY (left) through the Recall Clinic last Fall and what a difference it made in the field! While other hunters were struggling to manage their dogs, Buddy was responsive when called and checked in frequently. I was very proud! I highly recommend this clinic to my fellow hunters.  Carl R. (Vernon, NJ)



After the first beginner class with our dog ZUZU, I thought – this is never going to work! My little 5 lb chihuahua/Yorkie mix is more interested in the other dogs than paying attention to me! Well after 3 classes, and continued at home practice, we could attend class and she would focus on me. Now, in the middle of the intermediate class it is like the light bulb went off and she listens to all my commands! Positive reinforcement training has worked for Zuzu. Leslie has made the class informative, fun and constantly gives tips on how to work with your dog’s individual problems. Thank you Leslie!  Mary Lou C. (Sussex, NJ)


sadietestWe get compliments on SADIE’s behavior all the time….she’s such a great dog!  Marybeth F. (Budd Lake, NJ)



happyOur puppy, HAPPY, enjoyed every training session with Leslie and quickly learned with the methods she uses. Her approach is painless and even we humans learned better behaviors!  Rich, Jude & Mark C. (Newton NJ)




We originally contacted Leslie for HALEY’S stubborn potty-training problem. Frustration was getting the best of us and we were questioning our decision to adopt her. Not only has housebreaking been successful, but Haley has come a long way with her obedience skills. She goes to her bed on command, behaves at the front door and greets visitors politely. Overall, our relationship with Haley has improved and we enjoy having her as part of our family. We think she feels the same!  Steve & Kara R. (Hamburg, NJ)



SnickersSee SNICKERS’ S story under Special Programs – Reactive Rover Rehab



RingoWhen we adopted RINGO he was full of energy, didn’t know how to control his biting/chewing, and started eating our food off our plates! Since completing basic obedience and one private lesson with Leslie, Ringo is a different dog. Leslie taught us practical tools and lessons to implement in our environment. As a former teacher I can say first-hand Leslie is a first-rate teacher who knows how to adapt her lessons to every dog and every situation. Ringo’s a better dog, and we’re better owners.  Jennie and Lee G. (Newton, NJ)



RangerPrior to attending Puppy Preschool, RANGER would practically choke himself at the end of the leash to avoid strangers. He would bark and snarl at people and even showed teeth on occasion. After several sessions at Preschool, his behavior had changed for the better – so much so that we were able to have him professionally groomed for the first time! Without the social skills he acquired during these sessions, Ranger may not have been a suitable pet for our family. Thankfully, we are confident that Ranger is on his way to becoming a well adjusted, well behaved dog.  Heather G. (Hamburg, NJ)