While man and dog have been best friends for thousands of years, you may be wondering how to better bond with your dog. Does your dog feel a close connection with you? Are they happy? Here are five ways you can bond with your dog and have some fun. Try out a few games, treats, and tricks to shake things up.

Play Some Games

Games are a great way to spend time together. They can be a simple game, such as playing fetch in the yard, or working with a flirt pole. Or, they can be more advanced, such as setting up a mini-agility course, or hiding treats and puzzle toys throughout the house. Games you can play together through interaction, such as frisbee, chase, or even geocaching can help the two of you bond.

Travel Together

Does your dog like to travel? With summer in full swing, road trips can be a fun way to take your dog on a solo adventure together. Plan out some time on a local hiking or walking trail, or find some dog-friendly places to explore. Just be sure to pack along any essentials such as medications, food, and vet records to stay safe on your trip.

Share Some Treats

Who doesn’t love sharing a tasty treat? While puppicinos and other people food may come to mind, there are many healthy and safe treats available. Find a recipe for a dog biscuit and have some fun baking them for your canine friend. Share some sliced up hotdog in a backyard “cookout”. Enjoy a healthy vegetable such as sliced carrots or broccoli together. Or, just give your dog a favorite treat when they do something good.

Learn Some Tricks

Not only do tricks help your dog become better behaved, they’re a great way to bond! You can start with the basics such as sit and down, and then move on to harder tricks. Work on some focus techniques such as “look at me” and “come when called.” Does your dog have a cute thing they like to do? Turn it into a trick on command! Practice inside your home and out. Clicker training is another great way to capture fun behaviors, work your dog’s mind, and learn a new trick.

Try Out a Canine Sport


For the more energetic or easily bored dog, canine sports are great! There are many different types of sports to try, from agility to flyball, dock diving and even lure coursing. You may want to try a few different sports out at a local meetup. If your dog is less social, indoor nosework or other search and rescue activities are great to try. Once you’ve found that perfect playtime, you can bond with each other by having some fun.

How Do You Bond With Your Dog?

It isn’t hard to bond with your dog, and simply spending time together cuddling can be enough. However, adding in a few fun extras can help increase enrichment and make playtime more fun. Not to mention, a tired and happy dog is a well-behaved dog! Try out some of the above activities, and see how much fun you can have together.

 All images provided by Creative Commons/Pixabay