When it comes to leash manners, or a lack thereof, undesirable behaviors vary from dog to dog, but generally fall into one of four categories:  the puller, the lagger, the lunger and the leash tugger.  Leash tugging is a common adolescent display reinforced in much the same way as a game of tug-of-war with a toy.  Arousal, physical pleasure and an owner’s attempt to stop the dog are the culprits.  If your dog is a “tugger” you will love this simple, inexpensive and effective solution!

To start, find one of those old, antiquated choke chains you have laying around in a drawer.  You don’t still use them on your dog’s neck, right?  Good!  Be sure to select a chain with links of appropriate size and weight for your dog.  Next, purchase a comparable-sized, double bolt snap from your local hardware or farm supply store.  Attach one clip to the choke chain and the other to your dog’s collar.  Attach a leash to the other end of the chain and you’re ready to roll!  Most dog’s will quickly realize that the fun is over, since they can no longer tug and teethe on fabric or leather.   While there are chain leashes on the market, but they aren’t as user friendly for controlled walking.  So if your dog’s lack of leash manners includes tugging on his leash, check out this simple fix and start purging this behavior today! 

Chain Leash