Does your dog need a refresher course on the basics? Perhaps you have a new puppy that you want to start off on the right paw. Online and in-person dog training both have their pros and cons. Learn the differences between both, and how each can benefit you and your dog.

The Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training is more than just teaching sit and stay. It offers a number of benefits. These include time spent bonding with your dog, as well as learning how to “communicate” with each other. Not only will your dog better understand what you want, you will understand what they want too. Dog training can also help instill better social skills with other people and pets.

What is Online Dog Training?

Online dog training encompasses a wide range of things. This can be as simple, like reading a how-to on a blog. Or, you can watch several YouTube videos about specific tricks or topics. Online dog training can also entail consultations with professional trainers via a webcam, or even entire chats and talks addressing a specific topic. The benefit of online training is that you can learn simple tricks anywhere. It can also easily fit a busy schedule. For dogs that are more fearful, or that need to work on a specific issue, online training can help. It provides a great private environment for your dog to work comfortably in.

What is In-Person Dog Training?

In-person dog training often involves the typical taking a group class with other dogs and owners. However, in-person training can also be one-on-one time with a trainer or behaviorist to address a specific issue. Sometimes, you may only want to work on one problem, such as fear at the dog park, or lunging at people on walks. Other times, you may want the benefits of a group class to increase socialization and practice in a more distracting setting. In-person training is very versatile and has the advantage of letting the trainer see your dog in person, which some specific issues, such as aggression, greatly benefit from.

Which is Right For My Pet?

That question depends on a number of factors you should take into consideration. How busy you are, your schedule, your dog’s personality and what you want to achieve are all questions you should ask yourself first. If you’re just looking to brush up on a basic trick, a video online may be best. When you’re looking to learn all the basics, or work on general obedience, in-person dog training may be right. If you want to address a single issue, such as barking at the neighbors, online consultations may be enough to meet your needs.

No matter what you pick, having the resources available for both online and in-person dog training can ensure you and your dog get the help you need. Mixing and matching is probably a good choice for anyone. Having a trainer in-person that you can rely on both online, and in-person is the ultimate best of both worlds, and can help you accomplish your training goals!


All images provided by Creative Commons/Pixabay