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Our Separation Anxiety Program

Are you afraid to leave your dog alone for fear he’ll hurt himself, damage your home, eliminate or disturb the neighbors?  Perhaps you’re wondering if this is spite or just normal puppy stuff?  Or maybe you’ve resorted to crating your dog or bringing him everywhere with you?

If so, let us help you determine the best course of action for you and your dog!

The behaviors your dog displays may (or may not) be rooted in separation anxiety, a debilitating panic disorder and welfare issue which affects an estimated 15% of dogs in the US (Nicholas Dodman , DVM, Tufts Cummins School for Veterinary Medicine).  Unfortunately, most dogs tend to get worse if left alone repeatedly to suffer from separation anxiety.

follow steps below to get help now!

Step 1

The first step is to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone call with a trainer to discuss the Program’s structure and prerequisites and to determine if the Program would be a workable solution for your family.  If so, you’ll learn more about your training options and we’ll help you select the best match for your goals, budget and time constraints.

Step 2

The next step is a formal assessment of your dog during actual alone time to:

  • Confirm the proper training approach
  • Determine your dog’s start point
  • Learn about environmental management
  • Provide you with specifics about the training protocol and remote setup
  • Address other factors that may impact your dog’s behavior and success

Step 3

Choose either the Month-to-Month Program or the Do-It-Yourself Course.

You’ll soon be on the road to relief!


Let Us Coach You

This option involves working directly with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) on a month-to-month basis until your goals are achieved and/or you are ready to maintain your dog’s progress on your own.

Do It Yourself

This option will provide you with the tools to “Do It Yourself” and mirrors the same training protocols used in our Month-to-Month Program. Whether you choose to work thru the entire DIY Program on your own or need our assistance and support later, we’re here for you! *

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Druffy developed anxiety issues to the point we no longer felt safe leaving him home alone. His excessive vocalizations were disturbing neighbors and he was destroying our carpet.  Our local vet suggested we reach out to Leslie for help. She designed a remote program tailored specifically for Druffy which now enables us to leave him alone longer than we ever thought possible.

Rachael & CJ G. with "Druffy" (Sparta, NJ)

How does this Program work?

Our Separation Anxiety Program provides a compassionate, customized approach to address the needs of your dog and family with ongoing support by a credentialed, certified separation anxiety specialist (CSAT).

  • Once your dog has been assessed and approved for this Program, we coach you through absence exercises on a month-to-month basis until your dog has achieved your target goal and/or you are ready to maintain your dog’s progress on your own.
  • Your day-to-day commitment is only 30-minutes a day, 5 days per week. 
  • Relief often begins immediately!
Do I need to live locally to It's Your Dog to participate in this Program?

No.  The Program is 100% remote, so we can help you and your dog regardless of where you live!

How long does the Program last?

The Program consists of 4-week “Rounds” which are designed to be repeated on a month-to-month basis until your goals are achieved and/or you are ready to maintain your dog’s progress on your own.  As such, we only offer this intensive training to one client at a time.  Generally, the best progress is made by clients who can consistently adhere to a month-to-month schedule without frequent down-time.

I'm concerned my dog will hurt himself or my home during absence exercises. How do we prevent this?

During all absence exercises, your dog’s behavior is observed in real-time to assure that your dog and your home remain safe from harm.

How long will it take for my dog to get better?

The answer is….it depends.  Improvements are often noticed early on in the Program.  However, the goal is for your dog to learn to relax when left alone.  Every dog has a different start point, set of circumstances and history and we always progress at the  dog’s individual pace. Of course, success also depends greatly on our client’s level of commitment to the Program.

Will you work with my dog's veterinarian?

Absolutely!  Dogs with clinical separation anxiety often require veterinary intervention in addition to behavior modification.  We would be happy to speak with your veterinarian about the Program at any time.